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Dutch high tech creators homepage for designing, developing and producing a new high tech device.

 Design / Development / Consultancy / Engineering

CDS Electronics - Maassluis
Codec Telecom - Eindhoven
3L Solutions - Breda
AAA Electronic Engineering - Nuenen
ACE - Eindhoven
Adeas - Eindhoven
Alfred van Elk industrial design - Zoetermeer
AME - Eindhoven
ARA - Aalten
Axtron - Maarsbergen
Beeliners - Hengelo
Benchmark Electronics - Almelo
Betronic - Amsterdam
Bizq - Velp
Boomdesign - Utrecht
BPO - Delft
Brandes en Meurs - Bunnik
Brunelco - Haaksbergen
BSA - Sint Annaland
BTG Electronics Design - Oud-Beijerland
C10 Design & Development - Haarlem
CQ International - Den Haag
D'Andrea and Evers Design Agency - Enter
Dingelstad-design - Dalen
DUNC - Oegstgeest
Dutch Creative Brands
DutchMen - Den Haag
Feiz Design Studio - Amsterdam
Flex Design - Delft
Frans product development - Boxtel
GBO Innovation Makers - Helmond
Groendijk Design - Eindhoven
Guido van Haaften industrieel ontwerpbureau - Doetinchem
IDpartners - Enschede
Indes - Enschede
Ingenieursburo Balvers - Heerhugowaard
Koen&Co - Utrecht
Leijenaar Solutions - Sint Nicolaasga
Lencon - Noordwijk
Lumiflex - Amersfoort
Merijn - Amsterdam
MMID - Delft
MVAVD Design - Rotterdam
NPK Design - Leiden
Ontwerpbureau 3.11 - Utrecht
Outline ontwerp- en tekenbureau
PCV Group - Enschede
Pezy Group
Pi Development - Loenen
Product Design Studios
ProProduct - Monster
Q-Bus - Capelle a/d IJssel
Q-Tec - Soest
QDP - Duiven
Reggs - Amsterdam
Rokatec - De Meern
RRo Industrial Design - Rotterdam
Scope Design - Amersfoort
SlimDesign - Amsterdam
SmarTrix - Vleuten
Spark design & innovation - Rotterdam
Springtime - Amsterdam
STIO - Rotterdam
Studio DenHartogMusch - Arnhem
Studio Mango - Breda
StudioMOM - Arnhem
Teklab - Heemstede
Tijn Matthijssen - Bussum
Tino Guillaume du Long industrial design - Den Bosch
Tricas - Zwolle
TSG Group - Eindhoven
Urlings - Born
Van Dijk, Design & Engineering - Wijchen
VanBerlo - Eindhoven
VEDS Group - Eindhoven
WAACS - Rotterdam
We Are Perspective - Amsterdam
WeLLDesign - Utrecht
Wensch Product Development - Oisterwijk
Wortel Product Design - Utrecht
Zeeno - Amersfoort
Zuyderhoudt - Leiderdorp

 Standard mechanical components

 Custom mechanical components

Dimetec Machinefabriek - Veghel

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 Assembly pcba / boxbuild

CDS Electronics - Maassluis
Connect Group
Benchmark Electronics - Almelo
BSA - Sint Annaland

 Asssembly Cable / Wire

2Connect - Waalwijk
Connect Group

 Electronic components

Wurth Elektronik - Den Bosch

 Electromechanical components

also Displays / Touchscreens / HMI

 Printed circuit board

Wurth Elektronik - Den Bosch

 Dutch news

AEX - Dutch stock exchange
Algemeen Dagblad newspaper
Nieuws - Algemeen
NOS Teletekst
Volkskrant newsletter

 Dutch weather

Dutch rain radar
Weeronline weather



Elec Trading Europe - Hengelo

 Testing, Inspection & Certification

Maser Engineering - Enschede
Telefication - Zevenaar

 Research Websites


 Usefull links

ANWB Dutch traffic jams
Dutch radio channels
Dutch second hand marketplace
Dutch tax authorities
Funda property search
Google Translate
Hotels booking.com
NS train travel planner


THE website for the electronics product designers and companies that want to realize devices. The only up-date home page with links to the right, reliable advisor or manufacturer. The links to the companies are periodically checked, updated and continuously updated.

If no place name is mentioned, this company has more then 1 office in the Netherlands.

Do you have additional links or modification of the existing link? Mail to the webmaster (see bottom right)

The business listing on this page is completely free.
The makers do not intend to make a profit. However, gifts or paid banners are desirable to keep this webpage update.
To place a banner or advertisement please contact the webmaster (info@productmaken.nl) or use the automatic order via Paypal at the bottom of this page.

Team HighTechCreators.nl
(December 2018)
E-mail: info@hightechcreators.nl

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